Nahuel Jesús Sacchetti


Personal Information

  • Name: Nahuel Jesús Sacchetti.
  • Email:
  • Age: 25 years old. (12/25/1991)
  • Location: Echeverría 299, Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina.
  • GitHub:
  • Website:

About Me

I am an enthusiastic Software Engineer who loves to work in a team, sharing knowledge and experience among peers. Always seeking to learn and get new challenges. I am an all-round web developer with major front-end knowledge and techniques. If I had to tell you the one quality I am proud of, I'd probably bring up the fact that I am willing to take any challenge, even to the most complicated ones. If someone tells me "this cannot be done", it is when I will not rest until I find the right solution and I will put all my heart on it.

Areas Of Expertise

  • JavaScript Software Development.
  • Web UI Engineer.
  • Agile Methodologies.
  • TDD Methodologies.
  • Git Version Control.
  • Web Accessibility.

Mindset And Skills

  • Can speak and write English and Spanish.
  • Hard working.
  • Proactive.

Work Experience

Globant - Web UI Engineer

From January 2015 To Present.

  • Worked on Southwest Airlines site/application renewal project called Vision. Worked with React, Gulp, BEM standards, SASS on Javascript and HTML/CSS. Spring on Java. Agile methodologies. Accessibility and cross-browser support. Heavily involved on Flight Operations, Booking, Manage and Cancel Flight features. Participated on decision-making for the project architecture team. Focal point for on-site and off-shore teams. Participated as a core member of code reviewers team. Developed cross-browser and cross-application features like Print solution and Global Errors. Has been in charge of the introductory talks to the new Agile Pods on Colombia's office.
  • Involved in the creation and reviewing process for courses on Co-creator of ES6 React course.
  • Assisted in interviews and has been in charge of Company's Boot Camp and Training programs.


From June 2006.

  • Worked on personal and third-party projects. Has been giving support to multiple development teams.
  • Contributed to multiple open source projects.
  • Designed and started projects by its own, has been in charge of small teams.
  • Project creator and maintainer at the age of 16.


Available on request.

More Personal Information

  • Crazy about: Ordering alphabetically whenever I can.

    Seriously, I've this list ordered.

  • Favorite book: Clean Code, Robert Cecil Martin.

    Nothing to say really. I love the approach and the ideas in this book.

  • Favorite developer: Jonathan Blow.

    This guy is a genious. Though he fights the position of favorite developer with Robert Cecil Martin.

  • Favorite IDE: Emacs.

    Vintage but great. I've a nice setup. I use it on a Terminal Emulator.

  • Favorite keyboard: WASD Code.

    Click, click, click, click. Ahh, mechanical keyboards.

  • Favorite programming language: TypeScript (JavaScript Superset)

    The right mix of a flexible language with strong type declarations.

  • Favorite theme: Zenburn.

    When things are done the right way. Fine contrast, great color selection. Can't find any better. Everything I use looks Zenburn.

  • Fun Fact: Most of the time I don't even use Mouse.

    Keyboard home row is my home. I said "most of the time" but I never use it actually.

  • Things I've but I don't use often: MacBook Pro late 2016.

    I prefer my Linux environment (Arch Linux) with my mechanical keyboard.

  • You can check my setup in GitHub (

    Commit-per-day repository of my setup. Always work in progress.

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