My Emacs

I’ve been using Emacs for months now. When you get into this world you see a lot of people saying that Emacs its like an Operating System or that setting up Emacs its a lifetime task, and that’s true, you actually never get bored. I started with a fairly simple configuration back then, with *stock Emacs* (no Spacemacs, no other people’s configuration). At first it looked difficult but I wanted something simple, not a super-big overloaded IDE, that I could control with only the keyboard and doesn’t have too many distractions for me so I was happy about that.

My Go Adventure

It’s been three days I started with Go. I got caught with it because some chit-chatting with a friend, which is almost the only way I start with this kind of things (probably because my lack of creativity, I need a trigger). Can’t really say much with 3 days of programming but I’ve been having lots of fun with the code, even though there are some things that I don’t like (but they are just code styling like the lack of semi-colons and the fact that standard is “use the tab character”) but then I’ve got used to it.